Stephan Earl was born in Queens, NY. Although he wasn’t born into a family of musicians, Stephan grew up as a child listening to music his parents loved by such artists as Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Nat King Cole and other classic soul and R&B music of the 60’s and 70’s. At age eleven he learned to play the clarinet and within the year aded flute and tenor saxophone to his woodwind arsenal. At age 12, Stephan’s Aunt purchased for him a two-octave Casio keyboard which he used to compose his first melodies. Stephan took to composing music naturally, and taught himself to play the piano in order to better work on musical compositions.

Stephan auditioned and was accepted to New York’s “Famed” LaGuardia High School for Music and Performing Arts. During these formative years he played tenor sax in the school Jazz Band, bass clarinet in the concert band, and at home started producing music for many local R&B and Hip-Hop artists. During his last year at LaGuardia, Stephan switched his focus of study to the newly developed Electronic Music Composition program where he honed his craft of writing music using the latest electronic tools. Later that year Stephan received a scholarship to attend the Jazz Music Composition program at the Manhattan School of Music. Through college, Stephan continued to compose music while also producing local artists.

At age 21, Stephan joined the United States Army as a Photographic and Broadcast Journalist. There he learned Photography and Photoshop, while serving and traveling abroad. Not having much access to his musical recording equipment while traveling, Stephan took up photography as a creative outlet. During the next ten years, Stephan continued capturing and creating images during his travels to Middle East, Africa, Central/South America, and Europe.

Eventually, the call of his musical muse was too powerful to ignore, and Stephan rekindled his passion for music and started work on his debut album, Origins. While composing and producing the music for Origins, Stephan had to overcome the learning curve of modern production technology and techniques. After Origins was released, Stephan decided to share all of the new production techniques he had learned and author his first book "Home Music Production: Getting Started".

Mayan Pyramids in Tikal, Guatemala 2005

Children's book signing event 2015

After the birth of his daughter, Stephan would wander in local bookstores looking for children's books about music and especially about Jazz. Not finding a wealth of selection, Stephan decided to author a children's book titled "Kayla and Eli Discover Jazz". He would later author two more music-related children's books, "Music is a Rainbow" and "Tupi Finds His Tune" (see Children's Books) . The character of Tupi, the baby toucan from Costa Rica, was inspired by Stephan's travels in Central America, as was the music he created for the book (see "Tupi's Fiesta").

Currently, you can find Stephan at his home studio working on a variety of different creative projects, spending time with family, or taking a relaxing ride on his motorcycle!

In His Own Words

I am a creative at heart. It doesn't matter if it's art, music, books... I feel like I was born to create, and it's what I enjoy doing. I'm happy to still be inspired after all of these years, and lucky to be in the position to do the things I love most.

Here are pics of some of my creative spaces through the years, and where you can probably find me right at this moment. It's important that my create-space be a place of Zen and harmony. Especially now that I'm creating more ambient works for spiritual meditation (see Ambient Mystic). I like to keep my creative environment full of positive energy.

If you'd like to connect, you can message me on Instagram, or email me directly HERE. Thanks for all of your love and support! - Stephan